During 2020-2021, Alain TRESSAUD, honorary member of executive committee of French Fluorine Network, gave several invited conferences on-line to promote the research activities dealing with Fluorine and Fluorinated Materials :

- Improvement of Solid Fluoride Materials for Advanced Technologies by Fluorination Methodologies,  “Symposium on Fluorine & Catalysis”,State Key Laboratory of Fluorine & Nitrogen Chemicals, Xi’an, China, (Prof. Wei Mao), Nov. 2020

- Fluorine, a key-element for the XXIst century (at Institute of Advanced Materials, Southeast University, Nanjing, China (Prof. Quan Li, Director), July & October 2021) :

Part I - Fluoride Materials for Advanced Technologies and Energy issues
Part II - Outstanding physical properties of fluoride materials for Advanced Applications
Part III - Contributions of fluorinated compounds to biotechnologies, medicine, and pharmacy
Part IV - Improvements of Solid Fluoride Materials by Surface Fluorination,

- Fluoride Materials for Advanced Technologies, at Laboratory of advanced technology, Wuhan, China (Prof. Xiao-yu Yang, Dir.), October 2021

Early June 2022, A. Tressaud will organize an International Forum, expected to take place at Nanjing, China -if all sanitary requirements are fulfilled-  with the help of the European Academy of  Sciences and Southeast University, Nanjing,  on the topic “Science, Technology and Sustainable Development for the better future of humankind”
July 2022 – During the International Congress on Advanced Materials Sciences and Engineering (AMSE-2022) at Opatija, Croatie, A. Tressaud, Honorary Chairman of the Congress, will give a key-note lecture ““Fluoride Materials for Advanced Electronic, Optical & Magnetic Applications”.
October 2022 – During World Chemistry Forum (WCF-2022), Osaka, Japan, A. Tressaud Honorary Chairman of the Forum, will give a key-note lecture.

In cooperation with colleagues from several Russian universities, A. Tressaud published a review paper on:: "Effect of Direct Fluorination on the Transport Properties and Swelling of Polymeric Materials: A Review” by N. A. Belov, D. S. Pashkevich, A. Yu Alentiev, A. Tressaud, Membranes 2021, 11, 713. doi.org/10.3390/membranes11090713

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