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The aim of the French Fluorine Network is to promote the activities related to fluorine and fluorinated products in various fields of chemistry, new technologies (energy, electronics and opto-electronics), life sciences or environment.
-  to develop and to join national abilities in dedicated objectives.
-  to select research subjects which improve the complementarities between laboratories and innovation at the interfaces.
-  to support exchanges between industry and national organisations in research and development or applications.
-  to implement an efficient tool to address the industry retuirements and various calls for proposals.
-  to exert an expertise role in selected areas.
-  to maintain a continuous screening of regional, national (GDR, Programme Matériaux, CNRT, Réseaux Technologiques MRCT,...) and international programs (6th PCRDT, Fluorine networks: english, american, japanese, etc ).

The French fluorine network is supported by CNRS.

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