The main objective of this section relies on energy theme, particularly dedicated to fuel cells and batteries.
Schéma de la pile à combustible
Scheme of a solid oxide fuel cell

The first topic is concerned with the elaboration of membranes from functional fluorinated polymers. These polymers can be obtained either by radical copolymerisation of fluorinated olefins with functional fluorinated monomers (commercial or synthetic), or by chemical modification of fluorinated commercial (co)polymers followed by grafting of a functional monomer on the activated (co)polymer. Membranes are produced by “casting-evaporation” or by “casting”. Recent articles are also concerned with the reticulation of these copolymers leading to membranes by pressing; reticulation is ensured by a monomer (cure site monomer) introduced during the copolymerisation reaction. The capacity of Li-ion reversible batteries can be improved by radio-frequency plasma treatment of graphite anodes in fluorinated gas atmosphere.

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